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Adima   Rising

The Adima Chronicles:

Book One

In a small New Mexico town

4 teens 4 deadly challenges 4 weeks

A new world of energy where travel through place and time is common and each aware act of creation weaves the Web of Light.

4 weeks to discover their hidden power, work together and save the world … or die trying

With every step the danger grows

4 friends working together 4 weeks

Then the massing Energy Suckers rise to overwhelm both worlds.

Can they stop them?

Can they become Adima – the Weavers of Light?

Or will they be first to the slaughter?

Adima Rising

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Adima   Returning

The Adima Chronicles:

Book Two

Racing against time, four friends must move the sacred cliff before it crumbles, trapping all Adima and spelling the end of all they know. 

Adima Returning, the spellbinding second book of The Adima Chronicles, will keep you mesmerized as Rory, Tima, Billy and James must travel to 3 planes of existence, facing the creatures that guard the Adima’s most powerful objects, the Olohos.

They have one path to success. Convince the guardians to allow the Olohos to leave their world. Bring them to the Katchinas. Then bring Adima from all planes together to work toward a common goal. All impossible tasks that have never before been accomplished.

Fail and the cliff dissolves, destroying the Spheres and all Adima.

As they struggle forward, a dark force lurks, working to stop them, then bursting out to expose a mind-bending enemy.

Continuing the exciting adventures of Adima Rising, Adima Returning will grab your head, heart and eyeballs until the world spanning climax. Join the adventure exploring a new world where teens lead the way to a new reality.

Adima Returning

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